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Our Brains Want Us To Learn In A Certain Way... Discover The Style & Make Learning Easier


According to Neil Fleming, the developer of VAK Learning Styles Model, there are 3 learning styles. These styles are: Visual, Auditory, and Kinesthetic. There are other learning styles published; however, these three seem to be the most recognized. 

DISCOVER THE learning style-
10 Questions & Tips

Taking Notes


The Visual Learner learns best by seeing the information. It is beneficial for this type of learner to sit in the front of the classroom to clearly see and watch the teacher.  Class notes should include highlighted subtopics, different formats, and illustrations to aid in recall. 

Taking Notes
Classroom Lesson


The Auditory Learner learns best by hearing the information. The student should focus on listening to the teacher while recording the lecture. After school, he/she can play the recording and take notes on the material during study time. This process allows the student to hear the information twice, in class and after class, which is very beneficial for the auditory learner. If not taking notes in class is a little nerve-wracking and does not seem quite right, short notes may be taken by jotting down only the main topics and ideas. Then, the student can add to the notes while listening to the recorded lecture. Another tip for this learner is to use a Whisper Phone. For more information on this, check out the blog on learning styles:



This type of learner learns best by doing.  A parent/teacher might notice this student bouncing his/her knee or tapping a pencil while studying. This type of learner needs to interact with materials in different ways. Building, drawing, and tracing are beneficial strategies. Building a sticky note topic diagram on a wall, drawing pictures of events/characters/people, and writing in sand are wonderful learning strategies for this type of student. Sand writing might include: writing spelling words (younger students), writing vocabulary words/definitions (older students), and/or drawing characters with character descriptions (all students). The key for this type of learner is to be moving while engaged.

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DISCOVER THE learning style-
10 Questions & Tips

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