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The Goals of Elite:  

* Help Students Reach Their Full Learning Potential
* Help Parents Navigate The Academic Journey
* Provide Insight & Resources For The Family

Elite is a paid membership for families who have completed one or more of The Savvy Student's courses to help students keep the academic momentum, build an elite high school resume for college applications, and equip parents with inside information to navigate the academic journey.


ELITE is for you if you identify with any of the following statements...

* Your child wants to do better in school, and needs some accountability along the way 

* Your child has a goal to continue their academic journey after high school

* You are a parent who wants to provide resources for their child to succeed in school


Is your child(ren) good at accomplishing goals, tasks, routines, and studying on his/her own? From my experience with my classroom students and my own kiddos, for most parents, the answer is a big, fat no.  (Not to mention we are Mom/ Dad, right? For whatever reason, parents trying to work with their child(ren) usually ends up in an unpleasant place for everyone.)

I know students typically do not stay on top of their goals without some extra gentle nudges along the way. Grades made in high school will determine your child's next "stomping grounds" in his/her academic journey.


That is a scary and stressful thought, right? I've been there, it is worrisome. 

Through accountability, study sessions, community, and more, we can continue what we started by keeping your child on track to tackle his/her academic goals.


* Weekly Student Study Sessions With Mrs. Kristen
* Private Facebook Group
* Community Of Parents With Like-Minded Goals
* First Dibs On New Courses
* College Planning- Coming Soon

* Summer Socials
* Parent Coffee Chats
* Guest Speakers
* A kind community for students where they are loved and inspired to reach higher each week

 Elite is a community and safe space for students to work hard, stay focused, be encouraged, and grow academically.


Need Study Skills?

If you took a course and are ready for Elite, email Kristen:

Pay As You Go

Don't miss this year's low rate.


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