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"Parent's Guide: 3 Must-Haves For Your Teen"

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Inside You Will Find...

 Strategies to help ease task production with your teen,


A favorite app loved by students and adults to help manage time and accomplish the task at hand,

A simple printable one-week planner for students,

How to create a plan to conquer academic goals through "High-Achieving Habits & Activities," 

A Key Student Success Equation.


After years of teaching, raising 2 kids, and equipping students with strategies to succeed, I can tell you without a doubt:

Equipping your child with productivity tools is insanely important! Not only will your child use these skills throughout his/her educational journey, these skills will also become lifelong executive functioning skills.

You may be wondering things like:

"How can I get my child to actually accomplish tasks in a timely manner?"

"How can I get my child to understand why homework is important?"

"We are so busy, how can we make better use of our time?"

That's why I created this guide to help provide some immediate solutions for you.

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