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The Savvy Student Academy

The most comprehensive program to develop essential study skills, improve school organization, master test- taking strategies, and increase productivity, while confidently maximizing learning. 

These in-depth lessons will teach your child the missing skills and strategies to gain control of inconsistent grades, unproductive homework time, failed study strategies, test anxiety, and poor-quality class notes.  We aim to create a confident, Savvy Student equipped with lifelong high-achieving habits to be able to excel in school.

Before I tell you all about this program, let's make sure you're a good fit.
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SSA is right for you if you are ready:

to equip your child with essential learning skills, tools, and strategies

to calm homework/study time chaos

to have your child know how to study 


SSA is right for your child if:

your teen wants to do better in school but is not sure what to do


your child is not equipped with the necessary skills.


You're in the right spot!

By the end of the program, your child will be equipped with...


The Secrets of A Successful, Savvy Student  

Uncover the preferred learning style, learn executive functioning skills: time management/task management, learn how to be an active learner, and create high-achieving habits to accomplish grade goals.


Beat The Brain Fog & Read For Deep Comprehension

Learn and master 2 underutilized, incredible reading strategies to tackle information and gain deep comprehension.


Note- Taking Series
Part 1:

Learn and practice how to build an outstanding outline to help study for a test, organize class material, and prepare for a presentation.


Note- Taking Series
Part 2:
Mind Map & Web

Learn and practice how to build a mind map correctly. This will help with reworking notes into different formats during study time.


Note-Taking Series 
Part 3:
An Extensive Dive

Learn and practice a student-preferred note-taking method that blends taking class notes, creating summaries, and has a built-in review over the information.


Crush The Test: A 2 Step Process

Learn and utilize 9 different test prepartion methods, along with test- taking strategies in order to score higher and relax test anxiety.

You should only pay for this type of program once, so why not go with a trusted, former classroom teacher to make sure your child gets exactly what he/she needs.

How Does SSA Compare:
Former Classroom Master Teacher & Team Leader
Access For Missed Classes & Community
A Proven Track Record
Full Money Back Guarantee
Award Winning Company
Reasonable Priced
Teaching Is A Passion
See What Others Are Saying...
Here's What You Get When You Enroll During This Limited Time Offer:
6 Live Classes With Kristen

Your child will learn literally everything to be successful with studying, executive functioning, and setting & achieving grade goals.

One- on- One Consultation

We want to hear directly from you regarding your child's needs to reach higher in school.

A Reference Binder

This is a one-and-done course. Your child will build a reference binder to have for life and refer back to when needed.

Choose Your Program 

A. Silver Program

B. Gold Program

- See Below For Details-


* 6  Live Classes With Kristen
* A Reference Binder
* Consultation

* 6  Live Classes With Kristen
* A Reference Binder
* Consultation

* A weekly  20-minute one-on-one call with your child throughout the program for accountability, motivation, & study help.

* One-on- one weekly review, and guidance for setting up the best study plan to win the week with stellar grades.

Why You & Your Child Should Snag A Seat...

Did you know that students' test scores are falling drastically, according to the National Report Card? Over half of the students are running a year behind grade level in at least one subject. The past few years have really taken a toll on students' learning.  I want to change that!

We also know that study skills and executive functioning skills are essential to staying ahead of the curve. Without these, students become extremely frustrated when tasked with challenging homework, like studying for a multichapter test, since they are not equipped.

This means giving your child the lifelong gift of study skills and executive functioning skills - right now- is a REALLY smart idea!

You will no longer wonder if your child is equipped with these essential skills; you will know without a shadow of a doubt they are.

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There is room for you, my friend! I am here to walk alongside you and your child. I will equip your child with those critical skills that seem to be falling by the wayside at most schools.

Should you say YES, I can not wait to meet you inside The Savvy Student Academy!

Most Sincerely,


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