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Are you a frustrated parent looking for academic help for your child?  Kristen Henderson, the founder of The Savvy Student, LLC, is excited to be able to help you!

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        STUDY SKILLS & High-Achieving Habits  

"Study habits are the most important predictor of academic performance, and global
research has revealed that study habits affect academic performance." - Ama Kyauta

Kristen Henderson, M.Ed. Would Love To Equip Your Child(ren) With Key Strategies To Succeed In The Classroom, Ultimately Creating A Savvy Student.


The Savvy Student, LLC Equips Students With:

▶️  High- Achieving Activities & Habits
▶️  Critical Skills For Studying
▶️  Their Learning Style & Information On How To Study Best For Their Style
▶️  What Being "A Savvy Student" Entails
▶️  Uncovering Their Strengths & Weaknesses In The Classroom
▶️  A Plan On How To Attack Weaknesses
▶️  Strategies On How To Raise Grades

▶️  Confidence    

the Savvy Student, LLC Offers:

▶️ One-On-One Tutoring
▶️ Small Group Sessions

If your child is in need of academic help, please reach out. If The Savvy Student, LLC does not offer what you are needing, we would love to refer you to another reputable company.


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"Excellent service... we love it!"


Frankly, strong study skills and utilizing high-achieving habits are the backbone of being a successful student. Sadly, schools just do not have the time to teach these critical skills. If a child is struggling in school, it is often due to one or two reasons. Either he/she does not understand the content being taught, or the student does not know how to study the material in order to be successful. Many times, it is a combination of both issues.


Through tutoring and small group classes, The Savvy Student is excited to be able to fill the gap and offer these critical skills to equip students to succeed in the classroom.




We 100% Guarantee Your Child Will Be Given New Tools To Help Him/Her Succeed In The Classroom!


If You're Not Happy After The First Session, Adjustments Will Be Made With No Hassle

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