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Study Skills Workshop

Study Skills Workshop with Kristen

This workshop is to prevent and halt panic moments before tests, hectic homework time, grade decline, school frustration, and low self-esteem. I will equip your child with lifelong study skills, high-achieving student habits, and executive functioning skills to level up learning and boost confidence in your child.

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Trusted by schools and families

locally & online

Before I tell you all about this workshop, let's make sure you're a good fit.
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Your Child  Is Right For The Workshop If:

*  he/she wants to do better in school


* is doing great but is not equipped with critical study skills

 You're  Ready To:

 * equip your child with lifelong critical success skills, tools, and strategies

* take control of the homework/study time chaos

* build a confident learner


You're in the right spot!

Let's Dig In...

By the end of the program, your child will be equipped with...


The Secrets of A Successful, Savvy Student  


Beat The Brain Fog & Read For Deep Comprehension


Note- Taking Series
Part 1:

Uncover the preferred learning style, learn executive functioning skills, understand what to do in order to retain the most information, and create high-achieving habits to tackle grade goals.

Learn 2 underutilized reading strategies to tackle even the most difficult texts to gain deeper comprehension.

Learn and practice how to build an outline with test worthy information.




Note- Taking Series
Part 2:
Mind Map & Web
Note-Taking Series 
Part 3:
An Extensive Dive
Crush The Test: A 2 Step Process

Learn and practice how to build a web and mind map correctly.

Learn and practice a detailed note taking method which blends classnotes, creating a summary, and has a built in quiz format.

Learn and practice test prep and stratiegies including: 9 memorization methods, creating study plans, and test taking strategies to score better and relax test anxiety.

See What Other Parents & Students Are Saying...
You're Child Will Receive:
7 Live Classes With Kristen

Your child will learn literally everything to be successful with studying, executive functioning, and setting & achieving grade goals. You have the option of in-person classes, if local, or online.

A Reference Binder

This is a one and done course. Your child will build a reference binder to have for life to refer back to when needed.

There is no greater gift than LIFELONG tools to succeed.


Option 1:
$399.00 in full at registration

Option 2:
$200.00 at registration, $200.00 prior to class 4.



It would be my pleasure to equip your child with these critical skills. Feel free to reach out with any additional questions.

Most Sincerely,

Kristen Henderson, M.Ed.

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